Case Study: The Worlds Biggest Workshop

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The Municipal Executive Board in Gothenburg decided that Gothenburg should not have any areas of exclusion by 2025. GovTech Sweden, Drivhuset Gothenburg, Vocean, Yesbox, and Framtiden wanted to join forces to achieve this goal. With the question “How do we create the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up in?” we wanted to Engage for Change and involve children, young people, civil society, entrepreneurs, adults working with children and young people in the areas, and also worldwide. The goal was common. We now wanted to give more people a voice. And then co-create based on the collected ideas, to enable the best solutions. 


We created and conducted the World’s largest workshop. The world’s largest because the digital innovation platform made it possible for everyone to participate. The world’s largest because it lasted for five months. The world’s largest because it was about a globally important challenge and vision.

With great engagement from people, we collected 300 ideas in one month that everyone could follow in real-time. Through the Innovation Lab during Sweden’s Innovation Week, we co-created with the ideas and worked out 10 different clusters, again through people’s engagement and Vocean’s digital strategic support.

In and between these clusters, mutual understanding was created with the help of the 300 ideas, and the nearly 5000 interactions. The data made it possible for us to easily review results together, meet the challenge together, and drive innovation. The results of the World’s largets workshop in brilliant solutions was: The Future Bus, Future Sailing, and Skill Bank.


1. The opportunity for unlimited collection of ideas, where over 90 languages can be used. Easily collected using phones and QR code. 
2. Real-time online ideas and interactions enabled co-creation regardless of time and space. 
3. Support in clustering and valuing of ideas enabled mutual understanding and brilliant solutions for children and young people in their local area. 

At a Glance

1. Give everyone a voice, 
2. Take ideas to realization, 
3. Create hope for the future. 

1. Solutions benefited children and young people, 
2. Learning in co-creation to meet challenges.

“When children’s dreams of smoothies and equality created the Future Bus, it’s an unbeatable experience.”

The World’s largest workshop was conducted during the Swedish Democracy year 2021 and the same year as Tusse won with Voices in Melodifestivalen.

You can see several videos from the World’s largest workshop on Youtube:

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